Lead Training a Puppy

Your puppy may refuse to budge at the same time as on a lead or leash in the future, and strive to drag you down the street at the equal lead the very subsequent day! it is properly worth the time to expand this skill along with your doggy. recollect, it takes a whole lot of staying power and time while lead training a pup.

puppy day

1. region a collar onto your puppy.
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make sure that you can in shape no extra than two hands among the collar and your pup’s chest. test the collar each couple of days and adjust for consolation.

2. assist your puppy turn out to be acquainted with the collar earlier than including a lead or leash.

permit your puppy to walk inside the home and inside the garden with the collar alone.

3. eliminate the collar from your domestic dog and replace it with a lightweight lead.

whilst lead or leash schooling a puppy, allow him/her to wear this lead for more than one hours, then location the collar returned on. repeat this procedure for 3 or 4 more days. this will permit your doggy to come to be used to each collar and lead.

4. teach your domestic dog to stroll at the lead round your home and garden.

cast off the collar and place the lead to your pup. preserve out a deal with in the front of your doggy’s face and say, “come.” supply your puppy the treat if he walks up next to you and does not strive to tug in addition ahead. maintain strolling and provide him a deal with approximately each 15 seconds. repeat this domestic dog lead training process for a few minutes a day, 4 instances a day for a week.

5. take your pup for a stroll.

take your puppy out of doors on the street and walk with him at a gradual tempo.

6. allow your puppy to roam.

if your doggy starts to drag in advance and yank on the lead, stand still till he stops pulling.

7. provide your puppy a treat.

deliver your doggy a deal with and praise when he begins to walk at a comfortable tempo and does not pull. repeat steps 6 and 7 in the course of the stroll and on any future walks, until a steady tempo is performed.