DOD F900LHD Dashboard Camera

The DOD F900LHD might be the maximum popular dash cam that has dozens of copies. it is able to report HD video (1080p at 30FPS). it’s miles a reliable sprint cam and affords very good photograph fine within the day and common / suitable photo fine at night time. One disadvantage is its especially huge length at 106.7mm(L) x fifty three.9mm(W) x 33.3mm(H).

Like some of the DOD cameras there are many clones to be had on eBay, Aliexpress and DealExtreme. a number of these clones are genuine replicas of the DOD F900LHD whilst others are cheap fakes. This web page will assist you pick out the real cameras from the fakes.

Actual vs fake F900LHD

underneath is a contrast of a real DOD F500LHD vs a faux model. The mod organizer 2 photo at the left is the real model even as the picture at the right is the faux.

  • The real version’s screen closes tightly against the camera. The fake does no longer
  • The real model has a screw at the back of the tripod hole. The faux does now not
  • when turning the lens, the actual model is clean and quiet. The faux model makes a sound
  • The real version has a black internal ring for the LED lamp. The fake version does not
  • The actual version has an EV button. The fake has a WB button
  • The actual version does not have an indent among the On and ok buttons. The fake version has an indent

Mounting with threaded tripod hole

using the tripod hole does not offer the essential stiffness to help the cam. This attachment point isn’t designed for non-stop vibration in the car.

Most beneficial Settings

For Recording Cycle: duration – OFF, RECYCLE Clip length:1/five/10/15 minutes, motion DET. – OFF, car OFF – OFF

to enhance the legibility of small details: SHARPNESS – difficult, contrast – preferred

To display the date and time on video: STAMP – yes

to improve the first-class of night time capturing: SCENE – car and EV -0,three.

To enable and automatically begin recording while an outside strength deliver: USB IN = sure.

To mechanically flip off when disconnecting the outside strength deliver: SHUTDOWN – select from: 10s , five min, 15 min (10 seconds is recommended.)

to enhance the overall picture and its smooth clarification: mild FREQ = 60 hertz

Ideal memory card

choose an SD-card from a very good manufacturer (SanDisk, go beyond, Kingston, Verbatim, Silicon electricity) class 4 and above. An 8 GB or extra (max 32 GB) class 10 SD-card is best.

Flipping the image

find the menu object “VIDEO turn”, exchange the cost (transferring from left to right) to “ON”, then press the “good enough”.

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1 minute clips, regardless of putting

when the movement detector is mounted the sprint cam ignores the cyclic recording putting and could usually write clips lasting 1 minute.

To accurate, turn off the motion detector: motion DET = OFF.

Charging whilst recording

whilst outside power is attached to the dash cam whilst recording, the battery will be charged.

Battery life in file mode

while the show is off and with a totally charged battery about 2 hours.

After extended use of the battery (6 months of day by day utilization), the time drops to 20 minutes.

How long to fee the battery

about 5 hours.

operating temperature range

formally – from -10 to +60 degrees Celsius. In exercise, we have a look at the following:

a. In iciness, underneath a certain temperature, the sprint cam may not start.

b. In summer with direct daylight the dash cam temperature can hit eighty tiers and above. There had been instances of expanding lithium batteries (that’s are designed to function up to 75 stages).

device producer

it is believed that the producer is “TRANSFLUENT technology confined” . any other enterprise, DeSheng will also be an authentic producer.

Disassembling the dash cam

eliminate the memory card and battery.

Unscrew nine screws remembering wherein they got here from for the reason that they’re exceptional lengths. practice cautious stress when commencing the case to view the inner components.

The variations above are a few methods to inform a faux digicam from a real digital camera. additionally ensure the dash cam you are deciding on has four buttons on the side. Many fakes simplest have 3 buttons.

The authentic model uses an Ambarella chipset while many of the fakes will use a Novatek chipset. If the version you’re looking for has a maximum resolution of 1440×1080 at 15 frames consistent with second or 1920×1080 at 10 frames consistent with second that is a faux digicam worth much less than $50. Be aware that there are some dealers who’re selling an F900LHD with Ambarella chipset that has terrible firmware. keep away from this if you may.

The excellent manner to inform if you are getting a “unique model” is by way of looking on the firmware. You need to be able to find a digital camera with firmware V2.forty six OTH-MF H and above. All firmware that end in “OTH-MF H”, can be upgraded to the modern version (v2.seventy five OTH-MF H) by way of following the Firmware replace commands in this record.

Bumpy avenue sound exceptional

The dash cam vibrates on a bumpy avenue causing sound quality to be shaky and poor. that is a regarded trouble of sprint cams in this collection (and lots of other chinese-made) due to poor pleasant of the microphone used.

the very best answer is to use a greater inflexible mounting bracket to minimize how lots the dash cam shakes. See the following section on mounting the digital camera.

a few owners have changed the microphone however that is a far extra complicated manner.

Bumpy road image pleasant

The sprint cam vibrates on a bumpy avenue causing photograph nice to be shaky and bad.

over again, the easiest solution is to apply a greater rigid bracket to mount the digicam to glass. See the subsequent phase on mounting the digital camera.