Desktop Security Software – Computers Taken for Granted – Security at Risk

There are three simple assumptions about how computers work that people take for granted. To guarantee that your desktop security software is protecting every aspect of your computer usage, please read on.

First, and this seems very obvious, we take for granted that computers work in the first place. In fact, for most of us, it’s not much different from magic. Punch a button and voila, the world is at your fingertips. Considering that computer viruses were predicted as early as 1944 by John von Neumann, and that the first major virus spread in the early 1960’s across the globe through ARPANET, an early form of the Internet, it truly is amazing that computers continue to work when we want them to-well, most of the time! Make sure you have the best antivirus software to have continued immunity from the constant virus threats floating around the Internet.

We also take for granted that computers store all of our information. Computers save our data, but there is no guarantee that data won’t be lost or corrupted. Data can be lost in any number of ways, viruses or malware being just a couple of examples.

But don’t trust only your antivirus software to protect your data. According to the ITRC, hacking was the leading cause of data loss in 2009. Also, don’t forget about your own worst enemy-yourself. Personal error is also a leading cause to data loss. Frequent and scheduled backups will ensure that your data can always be recovered.

Finally, we assume that our data is confidential. Backups will protect your data from being rendered unusable by viruses or malware, hackers, or accidental deletion. But any information that is worth saving in the first place also needs to be kept private from people who may or may not physically have access to it. Many programs exist that will create a password protected vault for your data. For even more security, data encryption is now a viable option for anyone. Not only will it keep your sensitive data protected from prying eyes, you will feel like James Bond when you say to your friends, “Sorry, boys, gotta head home a little early tonight to encrypt some data.” You could add a little drama to this effect by ripping off your street clothes and revealing the tuxedo you’ve been wearing all along-just an idea…

Remaining ignorant to these assumptions is like sitting on a time bomb. Someday, it will blow up, but we can’t be certain when. Because of the mass number of people putting huge amounts of time and energy into the security market, however, there are plenty of options for defusing that bomb to make sure that we can continue the carefree use our computers that we have all become so accustomed to.


  • Most computers come with some form of antivirus software, but make sure you have one of the best antivirus programs and that it is kept up to date.
  • Just like trusting a super star athlete to carry an entire team, don’t depend on your antivirus software to protect you from everything. Make sure you have a well-balanced desktop security software team working to protect your computer. This should include a powerful firewall and software to help you manage your backups.
  • Software that offers password protected data and/or data encryption software will ensure that even if someone is able to get to your data, it will be impossible to read it.