Watch Dogs 2 has a new protagonist, new hacks, and a new setting

Watch dogs 2 is authoritatively official. You might’ve suspected that periods of breaks would mean designer/distributer Ubisoft wouldn’t have much to appear amid its livestreamed uncover, yet that unquestionably wasn’t the situation. On the off chance that you missed it, here’s a recap of what we realized today:

Aiden Pearce’s famous cover and cap are notorious no more. Watch dogs 2 has another hero named Marcus Holloway, a youthful programmer blamed for a wrongdoing he didn’t confer. Indeed, at any rate that part will sound well-known to players of the first. Marcus has joined DedSec, an Anonymous-like programmer aggregate devoting themselves to tearing down the degenerate foundation.

Gone too is the city of Chicago. All things considered, it’s not gone – despite everything it exists in the amusement’s universe, yet Watch Dogs 2 won’t occur there. Rather, the setting has moved to the bright, sandy San Francisco Bay Area. The ocean side city has received ctOS 2.0, a refreshed form of the city-traversing programming that Pearce hacked in the principal watch dog trench coat. A few people never learn, oh dear.

You’ll likewise have some new toys to play with. Marcus employs a billiard ball joined to wrapped suspension lines. It sounds somewhat bizarre, however it likewise seems like it would cracking damage, and that is the primary concern.

Marcus likewise has a little, ground-based “jumper” robot that he can send into perilous zones, and in addition a quadcopter automaton to use for exploring. Or, then again dashing through hued circles. Automaton hustling is extremely popular nowadays, you can buy watch dog trench coat from There’s additionally the capacity to “mass hack” a horde of individuals, as opposed to having to separately abuse their protection one-by-one. Yippee, advance!…

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