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Vijender Singh vs Francis Cheka boxing highlights: 8th win for Vijender

Vijender Singh shielded his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight title by beating Tanzanian boxer Francis Cheka by a TKO at Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi on Saturday. Vijender, the 2008 Beijing Olympics bronze medallist, is undefeated in eight expert sessions now. Get the highlights of the Vijender Singh versus Francis Cheka session and additionally the undercard experiences here. 

Vijender Singh vs Francis Cheka

22:32 IST: It may have been a disappointment for some fans who thronged to Thyagaraj Stadium to watch Vijender Singh guard his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight belt against veteran boxer Francis Cheka of Tanzania. The 10-round session finished in three rounds, with the official ceasing the challenge. The TKO triumph has kept Vijender's beginning proficient profession flaw free. He now has seven knockouts against his name from eight sessions. Also, however the group couldn't see their whiz battle longer, they celebrated the triumph in style. 

22:13 IST: Vijender Singh's triumph - a TKO over Francis Cheka of Tanzania - after official ceased the challenge in the third round, sent the entire of Thyagaraj Stadium into a celebratory craze. Standard for the occasion, one can state. In any case, individuals, particularly those on the front line, going crazy and entering the ring, while numerous others were obstructing Vijender's way to seize him and salute , made a touch of perplexity and could have been maintained a strategic distance from. 

22:07 IST: Baba Ramdev and Sushil Kumar entered and numerous other front-fow onlookers the ring as Vijender Singh was declared the victor of the session against Francis Cheka. Well, this - the perplexity - happens just in India. 

22:05 IST: Vijender Singh holds his WBO Asia Pacific Super-middleweight title beating Francis Cheka. 

22:00 IST: Francis Cheka is utilizing body developments to attempt and avoids Vijender Singh's jabs. A bit of showboating from the Indian too. However, the Tanzanian handled two or three great blows, Vijender struck back with two or three his own, including one from a poke and a snare. Vijender landed 7 punches to Cheka's 3 in the second round. Wins it effortlessly 

21:55 IST: Vijender Singh is making great utilization of the achieve advantage he has over Francis Cheka. However, the Indian is not taking a stab at anything forceful in the first round. He has attempted a couple punches, surveying the rival. Vijender gets got by a fast combo from Cheka in the most recent seconds of the round. In any case, the Indian wins the round, landing 3 punches to Cheka's 1. 

21:52 IST: The session starts, Vijender Singh and Francis Cheka selecting to battle all things considered, looking at each other with testing hits. 

21:50 IST: From the non-verbal communication of the contenders, Francis Cheka looks apprehensive while Vijender Singh is by all accounts casual and prepared for the execute. The session is set to begin in two or three minutes. 

21:45: The group at Tyagaraj Stadium emits to a free for all as Vijender Singh strolls into the ring to shield his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight title belt against Francis Cheka. This is the episode of the night which individuals have been sitting tight for. 

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21:41 IST: Francis Cheka strolls in for the session. Not to an awesome gathering one would state. 

21:38 IST: The group is sitting tight calmly for their legend to stroll into the ring. Vijender Singh is up next, protecting his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight title belt against Francis Cheka of Tanzania. Notwithstanding, there has been a deferral in procedures. The session has been rescheduled for 21:50 IST. 

21:27 IST: Pardeep Kharera was the main Indian to lose in the night. The initial three episodes of the night (undercards) were won by nearby contenders - Deepak Tanwar, Dharmender Grewal and Kuldeep Dhanda. Hotshot Vijender Singh is up in a short time, guarding his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight crown against Francis Cheka of Tanzania. 

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21:17 IST: A tight session yet Australia's Scott Edwards ended up being somewhat more grounded than India's Pardeep Kharera. Edwards was the assailant in the 6th and last round of their Welterweight (Indo-Australia) session and won the session by consistent choice, taking four rounds to two. 

21:13 IST: Pardeep Kharera puts Scott Edwards down to the canvas twice in the fifth round, the first being an excursion and the second a genuine thump. The Indian then associated a couple punches to win the round. Kharera landed 11 punches Edwards' 9. 

21:10 IST: Scott Edwards of Australia won the fourth round over Pardeep Kharera in their Welterweight (Indo-Australia) session. He landed 14 punches to the Indian's 12 in the round. This one is a six-round issue so still a reasonable piece to go. 

21:05 IST: Both boxers backed off a little in the third round even as they exchanged blows, for the most part to the body. In the moderately lazy round, Kharera landed 7 punches while Edwards won the round by associating 10. The Aussie, be that as it may, endured a cut on his temple, somewhat over the left eye. 

21:00 IST: Kharera continued taking a shot at Edwards with his pokes and once the Aussie approached he attempted his correct snares and body blows also. The Indian appears appeared to be in control of the session however Edwards returned unequivocally in towards the end of the second round. Kharera landed 9 punches while Edwards got 13 punches through, winning the round. 

20:55 IST: Edwards has a stature and achieve advantage over Kharera. However, the Australia battled within against the Indian as opposed to utilize the span. That worked to support Kharera as he sent through a couple stinging pokes and snares to win the first round. Kharera landed 6 punches to Edwards' 4. 

20:50 IST: Up next is the Welterweight (Indo-Australia) session between India's Pardeep Kharera and Scott Edwards of Australia. 

20:45 IST: Indians are administering the ring so far at Thyagaraj Stadium. The initial three episodes of the night (undercards) have been won by nearby warriors - Deepak Tanwar, Dharmender Grewal and Kuldeep Dhanda. Genius Vijender Singh is up after two sessions, guarding his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight crown against Francis Cheka of Tanzania. 

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20:40 IST: Though things were ugly, Kuldeep Dhanda landed a couple blows on Indonesia's Egy Rozten. The Indian dealt with a triumph by consistent choice over Rozten in the Lightweight south east Asia session. 

20:37 IST: More secures and wild swings followed in the third round of the Dhanda versus Rozten session. Cycle 3 was won by Dhanda once more, landing seven punches against the Indonesian's two. 

20:34 IST: Dhanda landed eight punches to Rozten's six in the second round. 

20:33 IST: Dhanda continued pursuing Rozten to arrive unequivocal blows yet was depending more on speed than blends. That implied the Indonesian could avoid as a general rule. Dhanda landed several blows, however so did Rozten. The session looked less appealing, and once they secured and tumbled to the ground together. Somewhat unprofessional! 

20:30 IST: The first round amongst Dhanda and Rozten was a cagey undertaking with both boxers utilizing their speed to traverse the barrier of the other. The Indian landed several strong rights, which pushed the Indonesian to the ropes. That ought to give the round to the Indian. 

20:25 IST: Next session is the four-round lightweight south east Asia experience between Kuldeep Dhanda of India and Egy Rozten of Indonesia 

20:20 IST: Even as we sit tight for the enormous episode of the day - Vijender Singh versus Francis Cheka - alternate Indians in the undercard are setting the tone. In the opening episode of the night, Deepak Tanwar beat Sutriyono Bara Boys of Indonesia by a TKO (lightweight). Dharmender Grewal won the following session (Cruiserweight intercontinental), beating Abasi Kyobe by consistent choice in a session that endured the separation (four rounds). 

20:15 IST: Indians have won two out of two sessions in the night. Dharmender Grewal beat Abasi Kyobe of Uganda by consistent choice in their four-round Cruiserweight intercontinental session. 

20:10 IST: Grewal adhered to his bread-and-spread punch and straight combo to land some stinging blows on Kyobe. The Indian looked fit as a fiddle while the Ugandan appeared adrift to the extent battle technique is concerned, adhering to secures and wild swings. Grewal plainly won the third round as well. 

20:05 IST: The two Cruiserweight pugilists appeared to have tired down a bit, however it was only the second round of the session. There were a couple swing and misses. Grewal, be that as it may, handled a couple of shots on the body with his snares and two or three hits as well. Kyobe secured Grewal a couple times to stop the Indian's assault. Grewal won the second round by the looks of it. 

20:00 IST: In the opening round, Grewal was attempting to open up the resistance of Kyobe with pokes and body combos from outside. The Ugandan was utilizing an exemplary look a-boo style watch. The Indian was the exuberant of the two and the judges have given him the round. 

19:55 IST: India's Dharmender Grewal is up next, going up against Abasi Kyobe of Uganda in a four-round Cruiserweight intercontinental session. 

19:50 IST: Deepak Tanwar's triumph has ideally set the tone for the Indians including in the night highlighted by superstar Vijender Singh's first title resistance, against Francis Cheka of Tanzania. 

19:45 IST: A TKO. Deepak Tanwar is too useful for Sutriyono Bara Boys . The Indian has won the session after arbitrator stops the challenge barely two minutes into the second round. Tanwar was battling with an open watch, getting the hits easily. The Indonesian had a couple swing and misses, best case scenario before a whirlwind of punches from Tanwar ceased the challenge. 

19:40 IST: TDeepak Tanwar punches down Sutriyono Bara Boys of Indonesia a moment into the first round. The Indonesian gets a standing eight tally from the ref. The round has been obviously won by the Indian. 

19:35 IST: The main episode of the night starts. India's Deepak Tanwar goes up against Sutriyono Bara Boys of Indonesia for Lightweight division. 

Vijender Singh will make the principal safeguard of his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight belt against Francis Cheka, who is the most refined contender the Indian boxer has confronted so far in his expert vocation. 

Vijender Singh won his first star title, beating Australia's Kerry Hope in a similar field in July. The triumph pushed Vijender into the main 10 of the WBO world rankings for the Super-Middleweight classification. 

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Vijender, with six knockouts added to his repertoire, overwhelmed the session against Hope, who was an accomplished contender himself. In any case, Vijender's unrivaled ring-make made it resemble a cakewalk, particularly in the last parts of that session. 

Be that as it may, Cheka is a boxer who has been there in the genius circuit for, apparently, an unfathomable length of time. He has a star record of 32 wins, 9 misfortunes and 2 draws. The Tanzanian, who is the current Intercontinental Super Middleweight champion, has undermined to end Vijender's expert vocation. 

Vijender Singh beat Kerry Hope of Australia at the Thyagaraj staduim in July to win his WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight title. (HT Photo) 

In spite of the fact that that announcement can be bushed aside as pre-session verbal joust, Cheka has the ring background (300 adjusts in rivalry while Vijender has just burned through 27 adjusts in the master ring) to endeavor what he asserted he would. 

Be that as it may, in Vijender, the 35-year-old not simply confront a more youthful rival (the Indian is 31 now) additionally an in fact sound boxer who is enhancing with each trip in the professional ring.
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Vijender Singh vs Francis Cheka, WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight : As It Happened

The huge difficulties tossed at him have for the most part wound up being minor talk and Indian boxing star Vijender Singh would hope to demonstrate it once again when he goes up against previous best on the planet Francis Cheka to guard the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title barrier. 

Undefeated in the circuit in this way, Vijender won the title in July by beating previous European champion Kerry Hope of Australia. 

Vijender Singh vs Francis Cheka

In the 10-round title safeguard challenge, Vijender will be up against his most experienced opponent in this way. 

What an environment at the Thyagraj stadium. Fans are cheering Viju. 

Vijender is saying thanks to every one of his fans for the colossal support. 

What's more, at last... SINGH IS KING 

Dec 17, 2016 

10:03 pm (IST) 

Vijender is unbeaten in his eight battles as such. 

Dec 17, 2016 

10:03 pm (IST) 

WIN! Vijender Singh beat Tanzania's Francis Cheka to shield his WBO Asia Pacific title. 

Dec 17, 2016 

10:02 pm (IST) 

WIN! Vijender Singh beat Tanzania's Francis Cheka to shield his WBO Asia Pacific title. 

Dec 17, 2016 

10:01 pm (IST) 

Cheka conveys consecutive punches however Vijender gets away from every one of them. 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:59 pm (IST) 

What a punch from Vijender. He is commanding the second round. Left punch and afterward right. Second round has a place with Vijender. 

Second round closures 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:53 pm (IST) 

What number of rounds will Vijender Singh need to down Francis Cheka today? 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:51 pm (IST) 

Both the boxers - Vijender Singh and Francis Cheka - have been presented. 

Here we go for the huge battle of the night.. 

YES... it is the NIGHT of the CHAMPIONS 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:46 pm (IST) 

Vijender.. Vijender.. Vijender... serenades all around the stadium. 

What an electric climate. 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:43 pm (IST) 

What's more, the hold up is OVER. 

Star boxer, Bhiwani kid and Olympic medallist enters the stadium on the beat of 'Singh Is King'. 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:42 pm (IST) 

Francis Cheka and his best slogan Boom Ba Ye Cheka has touched base in the ring. 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:33 pm (IST) 

Champ: Scott Edwards (by consistent choice) 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:33 pm (IST) 


Judge 1 

Judge 2 

Judge 3 

Scott Edwards (Australia) 




Pardeep Kharera (India) 




Dec 17, 2016 

9:33 pm (IST) 

Session 5: Pardeep Kharera versus Scott Edwards 

Dec 17, 2016 

9:24 pm (IST) 

The BIG session is only couple of minutes away. 

Boxing star Vijender Singh will touch base in the midst of drums and thumps to shield his WBO title against Francis Cheka. 

Dec 17, 2016 

8:48 pm (IST) 

Victor: Kuldeep Dhanda (by consistent choice) 

Dec 17, 2016 

8:48 pm (IST) 


Judge 1 

Judge 2 

Judge 3 

Egy Rozten (Indonesia) 




Kuldeep Dhanda (India) 




Dec 17, 2016 

8:48 pm (IST) 

Session 4: Kuldeep Dhanda versus Egy Rozten 

Dec 17, 2016 

8:32 pm (IST) 

Victor: Dharmendra Grewal (by consistent choice) 


Judge 1 

Judge 2 

Judge 3 

Abasi Kyobe (Uganda) 




Dharmendra Grewal (India) 




Dec 17, 2016 

8:32 pm (IST) 

Session 3: 

Abasi Kyobe versus Dharmendra Grewal 

Dec 17, 2016 

8:03 pm (IST) 

What a session. TKO by Deepak. 


Judge 1 

Judge 2 

Judge 3 

Sutriyono Bara Boys (Indonesia) 

Deepak Tanwar (India) 

Dec 17, 2016 

8:01 pm (IST) 

Session 2: Sutriyono Bara Boys versus Deepak Tanwar 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:43 pm (IST) 


Judge 1 

Judge 2 

Judge 3 

Mubaraka Sseguya (Uganda) 




Rajesh Kumar (India) 




Dec 17, 2016 

7:42 pm (IST) 

Session 1: 

Mubaraka Sseguya versus Rajesh Kumar 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:42 pm (IST) 

In 95kg class, Dharmender Grewal will go up against Abasi Kyobe from Uganda. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:42 pm (IST) 

In 61kg, Kuldeep Dhanda is hollowed against Egy Rozten, who hails from Indonesia. Rozten has 19 sessions and has possess five sessions with three KO wins. Additionally, Rajesh Kumar will go up against Mubaraka Sseguya from Uganda, who has 11 sessions with 40 adjusts added to his repertoire, with a sum of 8 wins and 4 KO's. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:42 pm (IST) 

The night will likewise highlight five undercard sessions including greenhorns in the genius circuit. 

In 67kg weight classification, Pardeep Kharera will be up against Scott Edwards, who originates from Australia. Scott has already battled four sessions and has been triumphant taking all things together. In a similar weight class Deepak Tanwar will go up against Sutriyono Bara Boys from Indonesia. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

Vijender, then again, has been clinical, best case scenario in this way. The Haryana-fellow, who scratched his name in history books as India's first Olympic medallist in boxing, has been destroying adversaries with a quiet not more often than not connected with expert boxing. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

To separate the numbers considerably more, Cheka has piled on 300 tiresome adjusts in the 16 years of his vocation contrasted with Vijender's 27. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

The 34-year-old Cheka, who hails from Tanzania, is a veteran of 43 battles with 32 wins including 17 KO's. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

Vijender, with a wry grin all over, answered, "My employment is punching and I will do that tomorrow, this title isn't going anyplace." 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

While the Indian was his typical quiet self, Cheka appeared to be high on energy and announced that "I will now talk in the ring". 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

At the authority pre-session say something today where he turned in precisely 76kg, Vijender and Cheka went head to head for one final time before the quite built up session. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

The hesitant Indian has been a shade not the same as his worldwide partners in the star circuit given that he keeps away from lofty talk regardless of how huge the incitement is. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

In the 10-round title barrier challenge on Saturday, Vijender will be up against his most experienced adversary in this way. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

Undefeated in the circuit as such, Vijender won the title in July by beating previous European champion Kerry Hope of Australia. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:41 pm (IST) 

The huge difficulties tossed at him have for the most part wound up being negligible talk and Indian boxing star Vijender Singh would hope to demonstrate it once again when he goes up against previous best on the planet Francis Cheka to guard the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title resistance. 

Dec 17, 2016 

7:40 pm (IST) 

Hi and welcome to the Live redesigns from the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title safeguard conflict between Vijender Singh and Francis Cheka.
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Vijender Singh Vs Francis Cheka Highlights: Vijender Knocks Out Cheka To Retain WBO Title

Vijender Singh required under three rounds to hold his WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title, as he thumped out previous best on the planet Francis Cheka in New Delhi on Saturday. Vijender commanded the session from the earliest starting point and didn't let Cheka an opportunity to infiltrate his protection. Get the highlights of the Vijender Singh versus Francis Cheka session here. (Most recent NEWS) 

22:25 IST: That's it from us for today evening time. Much obliged to you for remaining with us for the live scope of the session. 

Vijender Singh Vs Francis Cheka

22:20 IST: Vijender Singh thanks the group for the support. He looks totally elated! This has been an inconceivable year for the boxer for Bhiwani. Greater difficulties anticipate him in 2017. 

22:18 IST: "He (Cheka) needed to talk progressively and I needed to let my punches do the talking. It worked at last!" Vijender Singh says after his win. 

22:04 IST: That's it! Vijender Singh holds his title by a specialized thump out. 

22:00 IST: Another strong round from Vijender! In the wake of finding a poke on his adversary, Vijender insults Cheka. The Indian boxer is looking in fine fettle here. 

21:55 IST: Vijender lands two or three major punches on Cheka in the first round! A strong begin from the Indian there. 

21:52 IST: And we are off! Cheka makes a forceful begin, Vijender protects the early punches from his rival. 

21:50 IST: The national hymns of India and Tanzania have been sung. The session is going to begin at whatever time now. 

21:45 IST: There is a noisy thunder from the group as Vijender Singh enters the ring. Can he hold his title today evening time? 

21:33 IST: Indian wrestling legend Sushil Kumar says he anticipates that Vijender will thump out Cheka this evening. Will the Indian pugilist have the capacity to match Sushil's desires? Cheka may have some different arrangements of his own. 

21:28 IST: Now for the headliner of the night! Vijender Singh is going to protect his WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title against his fiercest rival yet, previous best on the planet Francis Cheka. 

21:25 IST: Scott Edwards wins the penultimate episode of the night, beating Pardeep Kharera by consistent choice. 

20:50 IST: Kuldeep Dhanda makes it 4-0 for Indian boxers on the night, He beats Egy Rozten by consistent choice. 

20:25 IST: In the night's third session, Dharmender Grewal of India beats Uganda's Abasi Kyobe. 

19:50 IST: Two sessions have been finished in this way. In the primary session, Rajesh Kumar vanquished Mubaraka Sseguya in the men's 61 kg classification. In the night's next session, Deepak Tanwar thumped out Sutriyono Bara Boys. 

19:45 IST: Hello and welcome to our live blog. 

The team traded a couple warmed words at the say something, as they went head to head for one final time before the abundantly anticipated battle. 

Cheka has piled on 300 adjusts in the 16 years of his profession contrasted with the Haryana boxer's 27. 

The 31-year-old Olympic medalist won his lady session in India, beating previous WBC European champion Kerry Hope to secure the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title. 

In that July session, Vijender required each of the 10 rounds to beat the 34-year-old Welsh-conceived Australian. 

The home group will anticipate that Vijender will convey a thump out blow in the cash-flow to make it another paramount night for Indian boxing.
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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Belgium vs India Rio 2016 Men's hockey quarter-final: How to watch live on TV, mobile and online

The match begins at 4.30pm BST. The hockey matches of the Rio 2016 Olympics will be broadcast live on BBC One, BBC Four and Red Button in the United Kingdom. Notwithstanding this, there will be up to 24 HD video streams to take after the occasion on desktop, versatile and tablet. 

The following is a rundown of all Olympics 2016 Hockey broadcastersfrom over the world. 


The table toppers of Pool A toward the end of the gathering stage, Belgium have had a great excursion at the Rio 2016 Olympics in this way, winning four recreations while losing only one out of the five played. 

The Belgians came into the competition known as one of the better assaulting groups in the competition and they satisfied their notoriety, scoring 21 objectives, the most in the gathering while just yielding a pitiful five objectives. 

The blend of experience and youth has paid profits for the group who will come into this conflict as the top choices. In John-John Dohmen and Jerome Truyens the Europeans have players who have played more than 300 amusements for the nation and will know that it is so essential to stay quiet in significant minutes. 

India Vs Belgium Rio 2016

The Red Lions last won an award at the Olympic amusements path in 1920 when they were has, and considering the structure they are in, the brilliant era have a possibility of making history. 

Their adversaries India fit the bill for the quarter-last in the wake of completing in fourth place in Group B, with 7 focuses from five recreations. The Men In Blue won two, lost two and drew one amusement amid the gathering stages. 

The dim stallions to win the competition, India come into this conflict on the back of a disillusioning 2-2 attract with Canada their last gathering amusement on 12 August. In spite of driving 2-1, India gave away a late objective, again demonstrating that their safeguard needs to enhance, something which mentor Roelant Oltmans should deal with considering the assaulting pizazz in the Belgian camp. 

Another stress paving the way to the diversion is the damage managed by key player SV Sunil against Canada. The winger, collided with the side sheets amid the amusement harming the wrist and is set to miss the diversion. 

Sunil who is fundamental to India's arrangements will be remembered fondly on the off chance that he is not passed fit which will put additional weight on the midfield to contribute. The Men In Blue come into conflict as the distinct underdogs, however taking a gander at their exhibitions at the Champions Trophy and Sultan Azlan Shah Cup prior this year, they are a side who ought not be composed off at any expense. 

Group news 


Goalkeepers:Jeremy Gucassoff ,Vincent Vanasch 

Defenders:Arthur Van Doren, John-John Dohmen, Florent van Aubel, Sebastien Docker 

Midfielders:Cedrik Chaarlier, Gauthier Boccard, Alexander Hendrickx, Thomas Briels, Felix Denayer 

Forwards:Simon Gougnard, Loick Luypaert, Jerome Truyens, Elliot van Strydonck, Tanguy Cosyns 


Goalkeepers:PR Sreejesh (c) 

Guards: Harmanpreet Singh, Rupinder Pal Singh, Kothajit Singh, Surendar Kumar, VR Raghunath, 

Midfielders:Manpreet Singh, Sardar Singh, SK Uthappa, Danish Mujtaba, Devender Walmiki, Chinglenana Singh. 

Forwards:SV Sunil, Akashdeep Singh, Ramandeep Singh, Nikkin Thimmaiah 

The following is a rundown of TV channels that would air the amusement around the globe:

United KingdomBBC
ArgentinaAmerica Movil, DirecTV, ESPN, Fox Sports
BrazilFox Sports Brazil
ColombiaESPN, Fox Sports
Costa RicaESPN
FranceFrance 4, Foot+
HondurasClaro Sports
Hong KongTVB Sport
IrelandLFC TV
IndiaStar Sports
Middle EastbeIN Sports Arabia
NorwayTV2 Sumo
PortugalSport TV3
SpainTVE La 1, TDP
United StatesUSA Network, NBC Sports
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Rio Olympics 2016 India: All Eyes On Dipa Karmakar

Athlete Dipa Karmakar would endeavor her ''vault of death" at Rio on Sunday night, on the eve of India's Independence Day. While we wish her loads of fortunes and appeal to God for her prosperity, let us trust no other Indian is compelled to wind up a Dipa Karmakar once more. Genuine azaadi ought to mean there is no other Dipa Karmakar after today evening time. 

For, the youthful Tripura young lady is an image of India's disappointment, bad faith and unremarkableness; an impactful indication of our imperfect framework that makes a youthful competitor put her life at danger for an award at Olympics. 

Dipa's adventure to the Rio Olympics and its anxiously anticipated outcome is the account of India's systemic ineptitude. 

On Sunday night, when Dipa contends in the finals of the Vault occasion, a nation of 1.25 Billion would trust that she wins a decoration to guarantee India opens its record at the Olympics. 

Dipa Karmakar Rio 2016

The Olympics are nearing culmination. In the initial eight days, India has not won a solitary award. The greater part of our stars have fallen by the wayside. Numerous saints have wavered at the last obstacle. 

While nations with populace not exactly a couple of regions in Delhi figure in the rundown of award victors, Indian trusts now lay on only a modest bunch of people — for the most part overcome, brave ladies. On the off chance that they come up short, India will experience a mental blackout. 

Rather than bringing home decorations and brilliance, the Indian unforeseen has brought reputation and ignominy, its high point being the administration board's risk to pull back Sports pastor Vijay Goel's accreditation. 

How does a country with very nearly one-6th of world's whole populace transform into a subject of compassion and scorn at a worldwide occasion? For answers, consider Dipa's story. 

The 22-year-old acrobat is in the race for an award not in light of the instructing, offices, hardware or on the grounds that the Indian framework helped her achieve that level. She is in the chase due to her choice to put her life at stake in quest for achievement. 

Dipa plays out the Produnova vault at the Olympics. It is a high-chance move that only one more tumbler was willing to attempt at Rio — a 41-year-old Russian edgy for an award. At the point when playing out a Produnova, she springs with her hand, performs two somersaults and afterward tries to arrive on her feet. 

Indeed, even a minor error can prompt genuine damage, including loss of motion. Passing is likewise a probability. 

Yet, gymnasts attempt this unsafe vault as it certifications them seven focuses due to the trouble level and even a broken execution gives them a shot at a decoration. 

Would Dipa need to go out on a limb on the off chance that she had entry to quality honing, hardware, social and government support? On the off chance that we were a country that delivered competitors with aptitudes, Dipa would have never been compelled to depend on her boldness. 

Be that as it may, such is India. Here, the quest for Olympic transcendence is dependent upon a person to rise above her adoration forever, put it beneath the quest for triumph. 

It was said of Bhagat Singh that each Indian needed a child like him to be conceived in India. Be that as it may, not in their own particular house. The same can be said of Dipa Karmakar. Everyone needs more champions like her in India, however just till they are not their duty. 

For whatever length of time that our kids contend in the IITs, IIMs, get to be specialists and bookkeepers, win Jhalak Dikhla Jaa or magnificence events, we are upbeat to cheer for each Dipa who puts her life in question for that one valuable decoration to reestablish the colossal country's eminence and pride.
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Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule: Medals India can win on Super Sunday

India have not very many decoration contenders left, yet lets not put a conclusion to our trusts at Rio 2016 Olympics. The Indian shooters, including star Olympian Abhinav Bindra, had colossal decoration trusts yet they neglected to complete on the platform. The Indian arrow based weaponry group had an amazing begin to their battle yet the sparkle didn't keep going too long. The ladies' hockey group, as well, neglected to convey on the desires. 

With all that being said, India still have some award prospects left. The Indian unexpected may get slimmer yet a few exhibitions have emerged. Lalita Babar met all requirements for the ladies' 3000m steeplechase with another national record of 9 minutes 19.76 seconds. 

Dipa Karmakar has officially carved her name in the Indian Olympic history and will hope to make that an award complete on Sunday night in Rio. The last round in Gymnastics is planned for 23:17 hrs IST. 

Gagan Narang and Chain Singh have their last risk of securing an award in the Men's 50m Rifle 3 positions. On the off chance that they neglect to qualify, the shooting unforeseen will have no more trusts left. The men's shooting will get in progress at 17:30 hrs IST. 

Dipa Karmakar Rio 2016

Operation Jaisha and Kavita Raut will begin their marathon crusade on Sunday. Them two have had splendid track records at home, yet they would be tried in the Marathon occasion on Sunday. The marathon will begin at 18:00hrs IST. 

Manoj Kumar, who is in the 64kg classification men's boxing occasion, will confront Fazliddin Gaibnazarov of Uzbekistan in the round of 16. He will guarantee India of a decoration with a win in the quarterfinals. 

Rohan Bopanna and Sania Mirza were left frustrated with their semi-finals misfortune to Serena Williams and Rajiv Ram, on Saturday. In yet another chance at sacking an award, but a bronze one, Mirza-Bopanna will go up against Radek Stepanek and Lucie Hradecka of Czech Republic at 20:30 hrs IST. 

The Indian men's hockey group have had an unsteady battle with guarded inquiries and transformations of punishment corners. From that point, India have had issues making key circle infiltrations to have lesser chances at field objectives. They will need to beat the compelling Belgians in the quarterfinals on Sunday, beginning 21:00 hrs IST, to keep the award prospects going for India.
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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Rio Olympics 2016 100m Heats: Usain Bolt qualifies for semi-finals with 10.07secs timing

Usain Bolt started his journey for the safeguard of his 100m title at the Olympics in incredible style winning his warmth easily. He ran the warmth in 10.07 seconds and fit the bill for the semi-finals. 

Justin Gatlin additionally met all requirements for the semi-finals with the general best time in the warms, timing 10.01 seconds. The men's 100 meter finals are on Sunday. Jolt and Gatlin will be prepared to win the gold decoration. 

Jolt, 29, started with a drowsy begin however got later in the race to win it yet looked in inconvenience after the run. He is peering toward a triple-triple, having won the gold award in men's 100m, 200m and 4x100m transfer at the past two Olympics. 

Usain Bolt 100m Heats: 

# That is it! Usain Bolt's opportunity is fourth on the qualifying rundown and he needs to enhance his begin to clock better 

# Usain Bolt meets all requirements for the semi-last of men's 100m last in the wake of winning his warms with a period of 10.07 seconds 

# Time for Usain Bolt in the 100m warms. He is a two time Olympics champion 

# Yohan Blake timekeepers 10.10 seconds to win heat 6, fit the bill for 100m semi-finals 

# Yohan Blake to keep running in the 6th warmth. He is out on the track! 

# Canada's Grasse meets all requirements for the 100m semi-last with a planning of 10.03 seconds 

# China's wins heat 3 with a planning of 10.08secs. An individual best for him as he had run just 10.12 seconds before 

# Justin Gatlin timekeepers 10.01 secs to win heat two and fit the bill for men's 100m semi-last 

# we are prepared for the warmth two! Gatlin will be prepared to win this effectively. Here we go 

# Justin Gatlin is out there for the second warmth in men's 100m! He is prepared to the best rivalry to Usain Bolt 

# Bahrain's Brown tickers 10.13 to fit the bill for the semi-last. He will be content with the score. 

# The first of men's 100m warmth starts in Rio. Gatlin in the second warmth 

# Usain Bolt will run the warms of 100m in almost no time from now. A major enormous day for the sprinters 


Continuously the crown gem in the Olympic sports program, the Rio 100 meters last is turning out to be exceptional for some reasons. 

At the point when Usain Bolt and organization enter the Olympic stadium on Sunday, this will be it. The last Olympic 100 meters last for the best sprinter the game has known. 

With triumph, Jamaican Bolt would turn into the main man to win three back to back 100 meters titles at the Games. 

Carl Lewis (1984 and 1988) and kindred American Archie Hahn (1904 and 1906) offer the present imprint with two each. 

However, the slender Bolt is not by any means the only one searching for a spot ever. 

American adversary Justin Gatlin, at 34 years old, would make his very own characteristic with a platform wrap up. No man that old has ever medalled in an Olympic 100 meters last. 

England's Linford Christie holds the honor at present, grabbing gold at the 1992 Barcelona Games at age of 32. 

Rio Olympics 2016 Usain Bolt qualifies

"It's an exceptionally old rivalry with Bolt and Gatlin," Olympic student of history Bill Mallon told Reuters in an email. 

"Some youthful folks are thinking of (American) Trayvon Bromell and (Canadian) Andre de Grasse, however I don't see them testing the old folks yet." 

While a Bolt triumph for the third sequential Games would be a noteworthy achievement, it would not in the psyche of Mallon push the Jamaican to the highest point of Olympic sports accomplishments. 

"(He's) still behind Lewis' long bounced and (American comrade Al) Oerter's disk tosses," Mallon said. 

Both won four sequential Olympic titles in the same occasion. 

"On the off chance that he (Bolt) does the triple gold once more (100-200-4×100 hand-off), that would be at the extremely top of games Olympics accomplishments," said Mallon. 

A third continuous triple would likewise tie Bolt with fanciful Finnish long-separate runner Paavo Nurmi and Lewis as pioneers in sports Olympic gold awards with nine each. 

That both Bolt and Gatlin are as yet running at such an abnormal state is strange and not as a result of their age. 

Gatlin, the 2004 Olympic champion, was absolutely out of the game for a long time while serving a second doping boycott. 

However the American is the quickest on the planet this year at 9.80 seconds. 

Completely ELIGIBLE 

On account of his doping past, not everybody trusts he ought to try and be in the game. Be that as it may, he is completely qualified to contend under International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) rules. 

The impending 30-year-old Bolt's constitution adds to his bizarreness. 

Prior to the Jamaican and mentor Glen Mills made sense of an approach to crush the 1.96 meters runner and his thin legs into the beginning squares, few thought a sprinter that tall could be an achievement in the 100 meters. 

Eight world records, six Olympic gold decorations and 11 complete world titles demonstrate the skeptics off-base. 

By examination, Gatlin, a one-time hurdler, has one Olympic gold and two world titles extending back to 2005. 

He has turned out to be significantly speedier since coming back from his four-year doping boycott in 2010, and in 2013 gave Bolt his lone misfortune in their eighth 100 meters gatherings. 

Be that as it may, he is unrealistic to bring about another miracle. 

A debilitating misfortune to Bolt at the 2015 big showdowns when Gatlin was plainly fit as a fiddle undoubtedly weighs vigorously on the American. 

On the off chance that you put stock in tell-tell signs, simply check the shade of the track at the Rio Olympic stadium. 

It is blue, the same shading as the Berlin oval where Bolt conveyed his last world record. 

The wellbeing of Usain Bolt has been an inquiry as the artist enters his last Olympics nursing a sore hamstring. 

His folks paid him a brief visit in the competitors town and demanded Friday he's prepared to run and protect his gold decorations. 

Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt both asked about their child's wellbeing in their Thursday night visit with the sprinter. Jolt hauled out of his national titles a month ago in light of the hamstring harm, however has demanded he's fine to contend in Brazil. 

"He said `Mom, on the off chance that I wasn't prepared, I wouldn't be here in light of the fact that I'm not into the losing thing. I'm prepared,"' said Jennifer Bolt. 

Jolt is attempting to win the 100, 200 and 4×100 transfer simply like the last two Olympics to close his profession with nine gold awards. 

The Bolts addressed a little gathering of journalists amid a news meeting, giving accounts from Bolt's youth and talking about his ascent into a worldwide genius. 

Despite the fact that he was conceived around 10 days past his due date "the main time in his life he was moderate," she said he's been quick from that point onward. She remembered he may be uncommon only three weeks after his introduction to the world when he almost tumbled off a quaint little inn saw him attempting to inspire himself up. 

"I thought 'What sort of a tyke is it true that this is? Three weeks old and he's pushing!"' she said. 

He was off and running from that point, much the same as both of his folks. He once needed to sprint home from school to gather his overlooked lunch and by 10, he could beat his mom in a race. After two years, they knew for certain they had a competitor staring them in the face. 

"At 12 years old, being in grade school, he began to contend in school games and he was dependably on top and he was continually beating his schoolmates," she reviewed. "From that point, we saw he would be an incredible competitor." 

He may have acquired his pace from his folks and dad Wellesley assumed praise Friday for Bolt's move moves however the sprinter is a far greater performer. The Bolts were mild-mannered and verging on modest, in spite of the fact that they said they welcomed the chance to inform journalists concerning their child. 

Regardless they live in the same unobtrusive one-story home in Trelawney, Jamaica, and wouldn't long for moving anyplace else. Moving would require making new companions and deserting what they know. In addition, life in Trelawney has enhanced fundamentally since Bolt's first gold awards in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

Since their child turned into a star, Trelawney now has running water, a cleared street, restored facilities, wellbeing focuses and schools and another play area for children. 

Wellesley still reports for work at the town shop, where he offers as much as he gives away. 

"It's something to involve my time so I don't get languid," he said. "As guardians, we are glad for him, yet we don't think it is reasonable of us to act over the leader of whatever remains of the group. So I work the shop for the most part to give away what we have." 

They likewise appreciate Trelawney on the grounds that Bolt can move uninhibitedly through the group. In spite of the fact that he draws a group all over the place he goes, they said their child is glad at home. When he's resigned, they anticipate the group leaving him alone. 

"He will have the capacity to move around as he needs," Jennifer said. "Individuals dependably need to draw near to him, not to hurt him, but rather simply draw near to him." 

She said she has seen no adjustment in her child as his fame develops. From his introduction in the 2002 junior big showdowns, Jennifer demanded Bolt is still the great kid who listens to his folks. 

The one thing that grew, however, was Bolt's affection for the spotlight. In spite of the fact that Wellesley described him as "perky at home," it wasn't until Bolt took the world stage in Beijing that he understood the amount of excitement he could give a group. 

"In Beijing, he began doing every one of these things and acknowledged individuals truly loved it," Wellesley said. "That is the point at which he turned into a performer." 

Jolt, who turns 30 on Aug. 21, has been unyielding these will be his last Olympics. His folks trust him and believe he's resolved to go out a champ. When he's through contending, they know precisely what they need him to do. 

"I might want him to be a represetative to olympic style sports since he conveys enjoyable to the game," Jennifer said. "After he abandons, you don't know who will assume control over his part. Without him, it would be truly exhausting."
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Friday, 12 August 2016

Rio Olympics 2016: Indian schedule on Day 7

India's Anirban Lahiri and SSP Chawarasia will take an interest in cycle two of the occasion on Friday. Lahiri and Chawrasia scored three-more than 74 and 71 separately in the opening round. 

In shooting, three Indians will be in real life on Friday. Gagan Narang will commence the shooting occasions of the day in the Men's 50m rifle inclined. He had before neglected to qualify in the men's 10m air rifle occasion and would look to at any rate secure capability this time around. In different occasions, Mairaj Ahmad Khan will partake in the men's skeet capability and Gurpreet Singh will be peering toward capability in the Men's 25m fast shoot gun occasion. 

India's badminton battle will proceed on Friday with the ladies' copies pair of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa going up against Netherlands' Piek and Muskens. In the men's duplicates occasion, Olympics debutantes BS Reddy and Manu Attri will correspond with Chinese pair of B Chai and W Hong in their gathering D preliminaries. Jwala-Ashwini and the men's copies pair of Attri-Reddy both lost their opening preparatory matches on day six of the Olympics. 

India in Rio 2016 Schedule

In arrow based weaponry, India's Atanu Das will be in real life for his round of 16 Men's individual occasion. He will be up against Lee Seung-yun of South Korea, who is positioned 6th on the planet. 

The Indian men's hockey group will venture out to challenge Canada in their fifth and last pool match, taking after their 2-1 misfortune to Netherlands in their past trip. The group neglected to change over upwards of five punishment corners seconds from the last hooter to go down 1-2 against Netherlands, yet at the same time figured out how to book a quarterfinal compartment. 

Dattu Bhokanal will participate in the paddling elimination round C/D 2 occasion. He is as of now out of decoration dispute in the occasion and will participate for positioning purposes as it were. 

India's tennis' blended duplicates pair of Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna will be up against Great Britain's Andy Murray and Heather Watson. Mirza-Bopanna began their battle on a positive note in their opening match of the crusade, crushing Sam Stosur and Jonathan Peers of Australia in straight sets. 

In boxing, India's Vikas Krishan Yadav will proceed with his mission for an Olympic decoration in the men's center weight 75kg class round of 16 session. He will confront Önder Şipal of Turkey. In the round of 32 phase, he had vanquished Charles Conwell of the United States 3-0. 

With the sports occasions commencing from Friday, India will handle eight individual competitors in six occasions. Manpreet Kaur's ladies' shot-put qualifier will begin things off, trailed by Vikas Gowda's capability for men's examine toss. Jinson Johnson will partake in the Men's 800m Round one. He will partake in Heat three of the occasion. 

Krishnan Ganapathi, Gurmeet Singh and Manish Singh will take an interest in the Men's 20km walk finals. While, Muhammed Anas Yahiya will attempt his fortunes in Round one of the Men's 400m race in warmth seven. Ankit Sharma will speak to India in the Men's long hop qualifiers early Saturday morning. 

Anirban Lahiri - Golf, Round two 

SSP Chawarasia - Golf, Round two 

Gagan Narang - Shooting, Men's 50m rifle inclined qualifier 

Mairaj Ahmad Khan - Shooting, Men's skeet qualifier 

Gurpreet Singh - Shooting, Men's 25m quick discharge gun qualifier 

Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa - Badminton, ladies' pairs prelims 

BS Reddy and M Attri - Badminton, men's pairs prelims 

Atanu Das - Archery, men's person round of sixteen 

Indian men's hockey group - Hockey, Prelim match 

Dattu Baban Bhokanal - Rowing, Semifinal C/D 2 

Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna - Tennis, Mixed duplicates quarterfinals 

Vikas Krishan Yadav - Boxing, Men's center weight 75kg round of sixteen 

Vikas Gowda - Athletics, Men's talk about toss qualifier 

Manpreet Kaur - Athletics, Women's shot put qualifier 

Jinson Johnson - Athletics, Men's 800m cycle one 

Krishnan Ganapathi - Athletics, Men's 20km walk last 

Gurmeet Singh - Athletics, Men's 20km walk last 

Manish Singh - Athletics, Men's 20km walk last 

Muhammed Anas Yahiya - Athletics, Men's 400m cycle one 

Ankit Sharma - Athletics, Men's long bounce qualifier 

What the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually occasions happen? (all times in IST) 

Golf: Anirban Lahiri and SSP Chawarasia will take an interest in cycle two of the occasion, which begins at 4:00 pm. 

Shooting: Gagan Narang will begin his 50m rifle inclined qualifier at 5:30 pm. 

Mairaj Ahmad Khan's Men's skeet qualifier is booked for 6:00 pm. 

Gurpreet Singh's will take an interest in the Men's 25m fast discharge gun occasion at 8:45 pm. 

Badminton: Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa will play Netherlands' S Piek and E Muskens in their second preparatory gathering A match at 5:30 pm. 

BS Reddy and Manu Attri will correspond with Chinese pair of B Chai and W Hong in their gathering D preliminaries at 7:50 pm. 

Bows and arrows: Atanu Das will be in real life for his round of 16 Men's individual occasion against Lee Seung-yun of South Korea at 5:43 pm. 

Hockey: The Indian men's hockey group will challenge Canada in their fifth and last pool match at 9:00 pm. 

Paddling: Dattu Bhokanal will partake in the paddling elimination round C/D 2 occasion at 9:20 pm. 

Tennis: Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna's blended copies match against Great Britain's Andy Murray and Heather Watson will be up at 11:30 pm. 

Boxing: Vikas Krishan Yadav's round of 16bout in the men's center weight 75kg classification against Önder Şipal of Turkey is booked for 3:30 am (Saturday). 

Games: Manpreet Kaur's Women's shot-put qualifier will occur at 6:35 pm. 

The Men's 800m Round one warmth three including Jinson Johnson is booked for 6:56 pm. 

Vikas Gowda's capability for men's examine toss will begin at 7:25 pm. 

Krishnan Ganapathi, Gurmeet Singh and Manish Singh will take an interest in the men's 20 km walk finals. The occasion will begin at 11:00 pm. 

Ankit Sharma will speak to India in the Men's long hop qualifiers early Saturday morning at 5:50 am. 

Muhammed Anas will attempt his fortunes in Round one of the Men's 400m race in Heat seven planned for 6:23 am (Saturday). 

cap are India's award prospects? 

The Men's 20 km walk last will be the main award occasion for day seven of the Games. Krishnan Ganapathi, Gurmeet Singh and Manish Singh will be in dispute for an award in the occasion. Aside from the three, no other Indian competitor will be included in a decoration occasion on Friday. Be that as it may, the day will be exceptionally vital as India's decoration chances will be to a great extent reliant on how the players perform, particularly in tennis, badminton, toxophilism and boxing.
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